This body of work has been influenced by and created with the help of numerous women of multiple backgrounds and ages. They shared their time, bodies and stories in order to develop this transformative series of works; and it is this openness which Katie feels is an integral way of deepening women’s connections to each other, as well as with themselves. 

‘Coke Bottles’


This series connects the ideas of consumerism and objectification towards females of all species, specifically in regards to the exploitation of bodies for the male gaze. 


Two forms of oppression which are ingrained in our society - speciesism and female objectification - are aesthetically linked to create a jarring set of visuals abnormal from our everyday lives.


‘None of Us Are’

This collection is a narrative-based piece of a realistic idea of a woman’s experiences. As our bodies change, so do our own opinions of them - namely due to the social pressure from the media and the everyday scrutiny we face.

Everyone identifying as a woman is linked through their shared experiences of inequality.

‘For Mothers’

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