The instillation I have created comments on society, using a normalised situation to link the oppression and objectification of animals and women. My aim is to visually recreate a butcher’s, but subvert the contents, to make viewers question the norms of our meat-eating culture and the sexualisation of women in our society. 

It is my view that just as the meat industry reduces animals to objects in order to make their slaughter more acceptable, the pornography industry and the media treats women as objects in order to make them equally consumable.  

I want to make people, as consumers, more aware of these issues that we blindly ignore on a day-to-day basis. The processes of animalising women and feminising animals are interlocked forms of oppression which reinforce each other.

The instillation aims to confront viewers with a visual statement of the metaphorical situation that is subliminally presented to us in the background of our everyday lives.

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